Full Stack Software Engineer

Job description

Create.com is bringing awesome web hosting back! For years, the industry has been swallowed up and outsourced, and we are on a mission to create a company built on the culture of keeping customers first by creating intuitive, easy to use products. As a Full Stack Engineer you will focus on many aspects of our product which will include creating incredible experiences on top of our billing or provisioning systems (WHMCS), creating tools that innovate the WordPress experience, managing customer systems, and more.

Our ideal candidate for this role will be someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, is self-motivated when presented with challenging problems, and is passionate about customer experience.

We're just getting started, so you have the chance to come in and help us build our brand on a small, agile team with a lot of greenfield work. Your contributions will be felt immediately, and you will be able to help us shape our products and development path. Many of our systems are built on PHP/JS, but we work with a wide array of languages and frameworks as needed. We take pride in creating frictionless experiences for our customers and employees each and every day.


The Ideal Candidate

  • Has a proven track record of reliable performance and dependability
  • Has an insatiable curiosity and isn’t afraid to dive deep into their work
  • Likes to experiment with new ideas and is not afraid to fail
  • Is transparent about their processes, goals, and obstacles
  • Knows how to communicate directly and effectively
  • Values empathy and works well with others
  • Can learn quickly on the job and isn’t afraid to ask questions
  • Is reasonably security-minded with balanced expectations


  • Work closely with product/design stakeholders, and other engineers to deliver intuitive, and delightful tools and experiences.
  • Advocate for quality by upholding coding best practices and participating in QA of your work.
  • Live by the mantra of keeping solutions simple. If it feels complex, there's probably a simpler path forward, let's find it!


  • 3+ years experience in development using modern stacks/frameworks/technologies
  • A strong understanding of PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Experience creating and integrating with APIs
  • Proficiency with Linux environments
  • Experience with Database Schema Design (MySQL)

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with PHP templating systems SmartyPHP for example.
  • Experience with cPanel and WHMCS
  • Experience with WordPress and WPCLI
  • Experience working with GCP, Grafana, and Prometheus
  • Experience working in Agile/SCRUM environment
  • Experience launching a new product/service